[arch-general] DKIM debuggage (Was: Deletion of old account)

Gabriel Margiani gabriel at margiani.ch
Tue May 24 12:21:24 UTC 2016

> > i think i confused noone. you (florian pelz) have invalid DKIM
> > signatures (domain pelzflorian.de), while florian pritz has correct
> > signatures (domain xinu.at).

It looks like the problem has something to do with the
"canonicalization" scheme used (c=... in the dkim-signature)
Florian Pritz is using relaxed/simple and it passes, Florian
Pelzs messages fail using simple/simple, the same is true for
Georg Schlisio, while Lukas Rose (quit early in the thread)
passes using relaxed/relaxed.

>From this I'd think there's a problem with header or body being
slightly modified somewhere on the way (added line breaks or
something. I think, we've relaxed/relaxed set, so let's see if it

Ralf Mardorf has DomainKey-Signature with c=nofws, seems to be
something else and passes.

Giovanni Santini uses dkim with relaxed/relaxed plus some
X-Google-DKIM-Signature - and this combination fails with "Body
has been altered" (as opposed to "Message has been altered" for
the other fails) in amavis.

hope that is somehow useful,

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