[arch-general] DKIM debuggage (Was: Deletion of old account)

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Tue May 24 12:42:32 UTC 2016

On Tue, 24 May 2016 12:21:24 -0000 Gabriel Margiani
<gabriel at margiani.ch> wrote:

> From this I'd think there's a problem with header or body being  
> slightly modified somewhere on the way (added line breaks or
> something. I think, we've relaxed/relaxed set, so let's see if it
> passes)

IIRC mailman modifies the identation of the headers (tabs vs
spaces). I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I didn't see a
reason to force simple for the headers when looked into this and I
believe gmail also uses relaxed/simple. I'm not sure if relaxed/relaxed
is a good idea. I read somewhere that */relaxed would obviously allow
ascii art to be altered. This might not be a problem for some, but so
far I didn't need it so I kept simple.

Another issue with the mailing list is that we prepend the list name
to the subject. This generally means that even with relaxed/simple
DKIM will fail when you send the first message of a thread.

I might start a discussion about this at some point and switch all our
lists to a more DKIM compliant behaviour, but for now it doesn't matter
too much since mailman is set to replace the sender when the domain
uses a reject DMARC policy.

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