[arch-general] Proposal: add "--disable-modern-top" to procps-ng configure flags

Jonathon Fernyhough jonathon at manjaro.org
Sat Dec 9 17:19:22 UTC 2017

On 09/12/17 16:55, Doug Newgard via arch-general wrote:
> On Sat, 9 Dec 2017 16:31:21 +0000
> Jonathon Fernyhough <jonathon at manjaro.org> wrote:
>> If anyone is willing to help me contribute in a way that isn't viewed as
>> "complaining" please point me in the right direction.
> And now you're asking how to complain without it being viewed as complaining.
> The decision was made, move on unless you have a compelling argument you
> haven't brought yet. Contributing is fine, harping on something that's already
> decided and done (2 years ago!) is not contributing.

No, I was asking how to propose changes without it being viewed as

Just because something was "done" two years ago doesn't mean there's not
a better way of doing it.

I've already said why I posted to the list; I can't see why that's
"harping on about it" and this just comes across as "patronizing" on
your part. So fine, I'm not an Arch user or dev - but so what? Do you
want me to quote your own Code of Conduct here? I assume it's not just
"because Manjaro" as that would be counter-productive for everyone.

As far as this issue goes, I'm happy to leave it that the Arch devs
aren't interested in making the change, as apparently there is zero
merit in the proposal, despite `top` currently not honouring terminal
colour settings and so being inaccessible. Even if there were any merit,
any change now would undermine the hard-line position you've taken.


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