[arch-general] snapd - orphaned, outdated, how to help

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Tue Dec 19 20:05:19 UTC 2017

On 12/19/2017 01:49 PM, Maciek Borzecki wrote:
> Thanks for a quick reply. Do you have a rough idea of when this may
> happen?

barthalion said he'd drop whatever makes sense to drop, sometime January
-- after everyone goes through the orphan list and adopts anything
they'd like to preserve.

> Let's wait for a while and see if anyone comes up. If not, I'm happy to
> take care of snapd in AUR.

Warning: personal opinions ahead.

I somewhat suspect that most Devs/TUs share my personal feelings on the
matter, which is that of violent disapproval of Ubuntuware. :D
(And okay, it officially supports other distros and I think it's great
that you're working to get it running more smoothly on Arch, because
supporting multiple options is great, but flatpak just comes across as
more distro-agnostic, with a more pleasant user experience, reliance on
bubblewrap and seccomp instead of apparmor, and less hardcoded
assumptions about sources. <3 freedesktop standards FTW.)

So I figure it will be a lot harder to find a new maintainer for it in
[community], since that does require someone who is both a Dev/TU and
personally interested in the software.

> OTOH, I've been using Arch for >> 10 years and never grew an ambition to
> become a packager or a TU. Well, maybe now's the time :)

If you think you can contribute, applying to become a TU is an excellent
aspiration! Might want to showcase maintaining more than the one package
though. :)

If you do become interested in this, there is a Wiki page giving a
general overview of the process including tips on making a favorable

Eli Schwartz

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