[arch-general] Sébastien Luttringer and Tobias Powalowski

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Sun Jul 2 21:30:15 UTC 2017

On 07/02/2017 11:05 PM, Martin Kühne via arch-general wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 2, 2017 at 10:39 PM, NicoHood <archlinux at nicohood.de> wrote:
>> So why are we so resistant against those suggestions? Those are good and
>> valid, no matter who this guy is and how he interacts with people. From
>> the technical point of view he is right. And we all should care for our
>> users, because we are responsible for them.
> https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-general/2017-July/043860.html
> You know I thought about the factuality part of the emails writing my
> response too, and it turned out I couldn't criticise the content for
> anything but harshness. This is going to an interesting place, and
> we'll have to decide how we can deal with content like this in a way
> that tells the source to go f themselves while paying actual attention
> to valid criticism...
> cheers!
> mar77i

You are right. I think this has all its past and we should just go on
and fix our Distribution. He reminds me a bit of Torvalds, from what
I've heard. It has its pro and its cons.

We should use those suggestions, as they are really helpful. Actually it
is really good to have someone carefully reviewing and watching our

As another idea we maybe could consider to write more precise PKGBUILD
standards for security measures, which e.g. define that HTTPS must be
used, whenever available etc. This way people like him can be of a huge
help and we can improve our PKGBUILD security continuously. This would
help everyone. How about that?


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