[arch-general] (Off-topic) Command-line torrent download tool

respiranto arch023 at respiranto.de
Tue Jul 25 09:29:02 UTC 2017

On 2017-07-25 03:05, Kryptxy via arch-general wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm not sure if the PKGBUILD will be accepted in AUR. I had once posted a thread in open-source contributions in arch formus, but was taken down due to legal issues (end of the day, TPB is illegal :P). So I didn't put effort in building PKGBUILD.
> That's the ONLY reason I posted about it here.

As far as I know, thepiratebay.org by itself is not illegal, only much
but not all of the _linked_ content. As an example, you can most likely
find a torrent-link for an Arch ISO.

> Also, it's not a torrent client. It just scraps thepiratebay proxy sites, and displays results in console window.

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