[arch-general] Detect broken DHCP setup

Giovanni Santini itachi.sama.amaterasu at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 09:27:13 UTC 2017

Il 06/09/2017 01:09, Leonid Isaev via arch-general ha scritto:
> What does it mean a valid DHCP setup? By reconnection you mean that your client
> re-request a lease from the server? Also, dbus has nothing to do with dhcp
> settings...

I know DBus has nothing to do with DHCP; what I meant is that
NetworkManager shows in its DBus interface when the DHCP configuration
is not valid, so people can reset it.
And almost, what I would do is to restart the connection.

> In any case, my advice is to get rid of NetworkManager as well as systemd-*
> tools. If you want a robust dhcp setup on a simple client with a single network
> card, use dhcpcd (no need even for netctl) because it provides link status
> detection. But don't use dhcpcd at .service provided with the package, instead
> replace it with:
> ...
> -<--------
> The crucial part is "-Bt 0" which makes dhcpcd wait forever for a lease (read
> the manpage for other options you might need, for example, in my setup I
> constrain the demon to only deal with ipv4). My (compatible with read-only root
> filesystem) /etc/dhcpcd.conf is:
> ...
> these are mostly default settings. Maybe you need to add "nomtu" in case your
> ISP does something idiotic with this setting (mine does :)). Oh, and hardcode
> the DNS settings in /etc/resolv.conf, so a broken dhcp server has no control
> over them.

Thanks a lot for the configuration files and the suggestions! If there's
no better solution I can go for them! :)
I still noticed that systemd exposes a DBus network interface
(*org.freedesktop.network1*) which should have proper information but I
found very little documentation online (if none) regarding it...

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