[arch-general] Can I attach Windows partition space with home without reinstalling?

L. Rose lists at lrose.de
Thu Sep 28 16:53:05 UTC 2017

Am 2017-09-28 17:21, schrieb Junayeed Ahnaf via arch-general:
> Hello,
> So I have arch installed on a 50GB space, I also have 400 GB  as a
> windows partition, I want to know is there a way for me to delete that
> windows drives and attach them with either / or /home so that I can use
> them from Linux without reinstalling?
> Thanks
> N

Of course you can. Use a partitioning tool (e.g. gparted) from a live 
USB Stick (e.g. Knoppix) and delete the Windows partition. Everything on 
the Windows-Partition will be deleted! Then move the / and 
/home-partitions on your disk so that the free space is next to the 
partition you want to merge it with (if necessary). Then resize the / or 
/home-partition to fill the entire free space. Make sure to have a 
backup of your data, because data loss may occur if failures happen 
while modifying the partition map or moving the data. Also prepare that 
this process may take several hours depending of the size of your data 
and the speed of the disk. Do never interrupt this process, since data 
loss will be guranteed.


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