[arch-general] xrandr with XPS 13" (3840x2160) HiDPI and 30" (2560x1600) LowDPI

ProgAndy admin at progandy.de
Wed Aug 1 08:27:03 UTC 2018

Am 01.08.2018 um 04:20 schrieb Tyler:
> When I tried the reverse
> xrandr --output eDP1 --auto --output DP1 --auto --scale 2x2 --left-of eDP1
> I didn't just get a flipped result, I got my browser showing over the
> middle https://i.imgur.com/QW0IHYw.jpg
I guess --right-of/--left-of don't take the scale into account.
Try to position your monitors absolutely with --pos, probably 0x0 for 
DP1 and 5120x0 for eDP1.

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