[arch-general] What files are tipically in /usr/local/share?

Marcelo "Marc" Ranolfi marc.2377 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 09:21:53 UTC 2018


I've just accidentally deleted my '/usr/local/share' folder.
This happened while I was creating custom copies of launchers from

Now, if I understand it correctly, the '/usr/local' directory should
only contain files created by the user. In fact, I checked other
subdirectories (bin, etc, games, include, lib, man, sbin, src) and
they are all empty, except for a couple files I manually created in
'sbin' and 'lib'.

But, as I was almost sure that the 'share' dir specifically was _not_
empty before I started messing with it, I just ran 'pacman -Qkq' and
it reported '/usr/local/share/man' missing.
This was promptly fixed by reinstalling the 'filesystem' package.

But this has me wondering if there was something more important which
resides there.
Perhaps something generated by an application or script.

None of my backups include that directory, so I'm afraid this makes me
impossible to check for myself, other than installing/configuring
everything from scratch.

Can you guys clarify this for me?

In case it's relevant, my desktop stack has Cinnamon, LightdDM,
networkManager, Samba and other less important packages on top of a
standard Arch Linux setup.

Thank you,

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