[arch-general] Please update VLC to v3.0.0

Xorg xorgbreaker at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 20:30:51 UTC 2018

On 02/23/2018 07:25 AM, Eli Schwartz via arch-general wrote:
> On 02/23/2018 07:03 AM, Xorg via arch-general wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I hope it's the good mailing list to request package update (the bug
>> tracker only says 'the Mailing List'), and I'm sorry if I'm wrong.
>> VLC has been flagged out-of-date on 2018-02-07 (2 weeks ago).
>> Can you update it to v3.0.0, please?
>> Thank you in advance!
>> PS: Sorry for task #57595.
> VLC is already updated.
> It is currently in staging.
As you can see, I wrote my post at 12:03:28 UTC, and commit 8fcde2c at 
12:30:29 UTC.
I was tracking the Git activity for this package, and I would never have 
posted if it was already the case. :)

> Yes, sometimes even Arch Linux takes longer than 47 minutes after an
> upstream release to update packages. Two weeks for a major version
> update that changes lots of dependencies including a move from Qt4 to
> Qt5, *and* provides libraries against which *other* packages need to be
> rebuilt? Yeah, this takes time.
I'm sorry if my intention was misunderstood.
I know it can take time after a major upstream update. Simply, due to no 
sign of activity for v3.0.0 on staging/testing, I thought it had been 
I *really* appreciate work done by mainteners, and it was not a reproach.

Thank you Levente Polyak for the update.

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