[arch-general] XFCE removable storage unmount notification gone

Paul Marwick paul.marwick at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 19:10:37 UTC 2018

I'm running three copies of Arch with XFCE as DE. Recently I've noticed 
that the normal desktop notification when a removable storage device is 
unmount has gone. As a test, I turned on auto-mount. When a USB drive is 
plugged in, I'm still getting mount notifications, but nothing when the 
device is unmounted. The only indication I see that the device has 
unmounted is a change to the desktop icon.

One of my Arch installs isn't used all that often, so hasn't been 
updated recently. Its still showing both mount and unmount notifications.

Trouble is, I can go for fairly long periods without using removable 
media, so I've no real idea what update caused the change. No idea how 
to hunt for it either.

Anyone else seeing this behaviour? Any ideas how to fix it?


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