[arch-general] Arch Linux on MacBookPro13,3

Jeremy Brown jeremy at brownjava.org
Thu Mar 1 19:25:55 UTC 2018

Hey Arch folks,

I have a work-provided laptop which is a MacBookPro13,3; in other words a
fairly recent MacBook Pro (one of the touch bar ones).  I've shrunk the root
partition on it and would like to install Arch on a second partition and use
that as my primary OS.  I've been able to do this with previous versions of
MacBook Pros no problem.

However, doing some research it appears as though installing Linux on this
hardware is difficult and many of the components either require extensive
customization (e.g. building your own drivers) or don't work at all:


Assuming that page is correct audio, wifi, and suspend not working (or barely
working) are going to be dealbreakers for me, I think.  I'm going to take a
crack at it in the next few days but wondered if anyone in arch-general had any
success with similar hardware.  Is it livable, or is the driver support and
such just not there yet?



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