[arch-general] KDE plasma, baloo and UI/video playback freezes

Francesco Porro frapox at gmail.com
Tue May 29 10:55:35 UTC 2018

In data domenica 27 maggio 2018 18:27:22 CEST, hai scritto:
> On 5/27/18, Francesco Porro via arch-general <arch-general at archlinux.org> 
> > You mailed me privately. Better replying to mailing list since this could
> > be
> > 
> > useful to others &&  please do not top quote.
> Agreed, but I only replied to your direct mail to me. Apologies if
> I missed the CC somehow.

You don't need to add my address since I'm subscribed to the mailing list :) 
(it you do, and I hit reply, Kmail replys only to your email by default).

Btw, today i'm going to try changing the scheduler to BFQ, even if I found a 
workaround that avoid the baloo scheduler activating every 10 seconds: simply 
I changed the path where to save Konversation's logs to his .config dir (baloo 
doen't indexes dotted files o dirs).


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