[arch-general] Wifi challenge with new Lenovo Yoga C740

Leo Noordhuizen leo.noordhuizen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 19:01:26 UTC 2019

(nb - I did post this question also on Reddit)

So I decided to replace my aging ASUS laptop with a shiny new one. After
long considerations and lurking in various places I decided to go for this
- not very cheap - one.

One of the reasons is that I this time intend not to remove Windows and
keep the possibility to occasionally boot into Windows,

My long experience (> 40 years with various kinds of ***x such as Unix,
Ultrix and Linux) doesnt prevent me from encountering a challenge now and
then. Maybe I am getting too old ? :)

Anyway - the challenge: I seem not to be able to get Wifi working when
booted from the Arch installation image. Wifi works fine with Windows, but
also with the live image of Ubuntu 19.10. Also Manjoro doesnt see wifi when
starting 'wifi-menu'. However, just as in Ubuntu, the driver 'iwlwifi' has
been loaded... (The wifi in this laptop is Intel)

I would love to get some pointers what to change to get this working,
otherwise Ill return the laptop and look for a more cooperating one.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Leo Noordhuizen - Eindhoven - The Netherlands

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