[arch-general] Firefox "stalling" behaviour

mpan archml-y1vf3axu at mpan.pl
Mon Dec 9 20:54:48 UTC 2019

> I'd really like to use the Firefox browser (currently using Iridium), but
> I'm seeing a strange behavior where it "stalls" intermittently. The
> rendering engine seems to randomly pause activity (i.e. not responsive to
> scrolling input), and these pauses can last for several seconds. It also
> appears to affect video playback.
> I haven't knowingly done anything with my user settings that would cause
> this to happen; I have a few add-ons, but they should all be well-behaved
> (1PasswordX, Facebook Container, Multi-account Container, uBlock Origin).
> Has anyone seen this and figured out a solution?
  First, check if those are not add-ons by running a clean profile. Mere
belief that they’re not the culprit is not evidence.

  If the behaviour continues in a clean profile, check load during those
stalls — e.g. in `htop`, which shows a nice load graph. Possibly
programs Firefox downloads and runs (aka JavaScript) are eating all your
CPU resources.

  If that doesn’t explain the problem, check if dmesg contains any
errors that correlate with your issue. That’s unlikely, but not impossible.

  Also see if you do have enough of RAM and no swapping occurs. That
shouldn’t be a concern on any modern computer, but the symptom is
similar and, since I have no specific ideas, everything’s worth checking.

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