[arch-general] Got a problem with networking.

mick howe mickhowe292 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 23:34:47 UTC 2019


Arch / xfce on my main system ( I5, 32gb, 2 + 1tb)

I3 laptop 12gb, 1TB lenovo B50-70 dual booting, originally win8.1 & arch,
when I upgraded to win10 I broke my arch installation and replaced it with
kubuntu because I couldn't face over a week of recreating the arch system.
(Ever since I started using Linux Red Hat 5.2 I have only ever been able
restore the directories and file names, but not the contents.

win7 desktop 4gb, 320GB

Before upgrading to to win10 networking broke with each update to
networking on either arch or windoze usually one system or the other or
both were unable to see each other. I was able to fix it, usually it seemed
all had to do was touch the samba config file. After I added the win7 box I
was able to see all system from each box and sometimes copy files. From the
win7 box I could copy files from any box to any box.

Since I "updated" win7 to win10 I can see but NOT connect between any of
the boxes and have had to resort to sneekernet for file transfers.

I have tried numerous times to find the cause and fix it but I'm just going
round and round in circles, getting nowhere.

Is there anyone out in the ether land who could guide me through this issue?

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