[arch-general] Where does /usr/bin/uwsgi come from?

Peter Nabbefeld peter.nabbefeld at gmx.de
Wed Jan 23 21:04:17 UTC 2019

Am 23.01.19 um 20:12 schrieb Eli Schwartz via arch-general:
> On 1/23/19 1:54 PM, Peter Nabbefeld wrote:
>> In the meantime, I've checked all python folders - no uwsgi found.
>> Checked /var/cache/pacman/pkg - the package has obviously been
>> downloaded on Jan, 7th, but it's not found when I'm looking for it with
>> pacman. Probably sth. went wrong, then. I remember I had a problem with
>> the power supply some days ago, probably this was at the same time as I
>> tried to install the uwsgi package; package database may miss the
>> required entry.
> `pacman -Qkk uwsgi`
> This should either report an "error: package 'uwsgi' was not found" if
> it is not installed, or report the number of file in the package and how
> many of them are altered or missing from your system.
> By the way, uwsgi is written in pure C and allows plugins for a number
> of programming languages. It's quite inferior, although possible, to
> install it via pip. Although it is unlikely you installed it without
> realizing it -- there is no reason django should *depend* on uwsgi.
Yes, as already said, sth. must have gone wrong on installing the 
package or probably already earlier, when I got a power problem.

About the pipped packages:
Some days before I failed to find a jep-package 
(Java-to-Python-binding), so I had to pip it. So the question arised, it 
it's better to have a mixed installation, or just to pip everything. 
Usually I'd prefer sth. "pure", so in this case probably better pip 

Kind regards


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