[arch-general] How to grant Apache httpd permission to serve files from my home directory?

Mr.Elendig mrelendig at har-ikkje.net
Fri Jan 25 07:37:31 UTC 2019

On 24/01/2019 10:35, Peter Nabbefeld wrote:
> Hello,
> how can I grant Apache httpd permissions to present files out of my home 
> directory?
> Especially, I don't want to only serve files from my home folder, and I 
> don't want to give it full root access.
> To be more specific, I want to serve a small tutorial project in Python 
> via uWSGI. I guess, first httpd needs the rights to delegate, then uWSGI 
> needs rights to access the scripts. Both are currently running as 
> http:http.
> This is not being thought as a permanent solution, just only for "quick 
> & dirty" deployment, as always thinking about copying etc. during 
> learning phase is rather inconvenient.
> Kind regards
> Peter

Serving from /srv is not any more inconvenient really, you could set it 
up as a git remote and git push to it (or whatever vcs you prefer), or 
have your editor automate the copy.

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