[arch-general] maria update to 10.4.6 breaks akonadi's db [solved]

SET nmset at netcourrier.com
Sun Jun 30 11:54:15 UTC 2019

Le dimanche 30 juin 2019 11:48:20 CEST Oliver Jaksch via arch-general a écrit 
> In short:
> # mysql --socket=/tmp/akonadi-USERID.XXXXXX/mysql.socket -e 'create database
> mysql'
> # mysql_upgrade --socket=/tmp/akonadi-USERID.XXXXXX/mysql.socket
> # akonadictl restart

Tried that fix on my test account and it simply worked. I filed this bug 
regarding akonotes yesterday, and realize now that it's related to the new 
mysql version. Let's hope akonadi devs come around this issue.

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