[arch-general] mutagen

Daurnimator quae at daurnimator.com
Tue Mar 26 01:40:26 UTC 2019

On Tue, 26 Mar 2019 at 12:36, <frederik at ofb.net> wrote:
> Hello Arch,
> Does anyone know why all the executables in "mutagen" suddenly
> developed a numeral "2" at the end of their names?
> I would have preferred the names to stay the same for the sake of
> backwards compatibility. I checked with "asp checkout
> python2-mutagen", as I learned to do recently, and I saw that the
> renaming seems to be due to the following lines in the PKGBUILD
>   for script in {mid3{cp,iconv,v2},moggsplit,mutagen-{inspect,pony}}; do
>     sed -e "s/${script}/${script}2/g" -i setup.py
>     sed -e 's/python/&2/' -i "tools/${script}"
>     mv -v "tools/${script}"{,2}
>     mv -v "man/${script}"{,2}.1
>   done
> but there is no comment in the PKGBUILD, and I could not find any note
> in the Git log explaining the addition of those lines...
> Thanks,
> Frederick

>From a quick look, it appears to be so that python-mutagen can coexist
with python2-mutagen.
Plain 'mutagen' would be the python 3 version, while 'mutagen2' would
be the same program but run with python2.

If you want a plain 'mutagen' command, then simply install python-mutagen

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