[arch-general] Harassment by David Runge

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Sat May 11 18:11:19 UTC 2019


consider to read this thread,

The community not only off-list second that I have not done anything
wrong, they also second that by mails to the mailing list. However, for
no reason he banned me from more than just this mailing list and he
shutdown the list for a while, so nobody could second anymore that he is
wrong. Perhaps you should at least monitor this list and the AUR mailing
list, than you would know that not all TUs agree with the behaviour of
some TUs ;).

> I then received a mail full of ad hominems, calling my attempts at solving
> his problem "sad", making a strange claim that it seems important for
> me that my software is used (which potentially implies a threat of not
> packaging my software if I don't comply, of course), attacked me for
> "denouncing the work of others", called my replies "disdainful rants",
> questioned my motives when I tried to improve arch linux by pointing out
> potential security issues and so on.

Hahaha, this is normal behaviour of David. He found the same words to
describe other people and also to describe me. take an educated guess
why is doing this again and again ;).

Ignore him and calm down! Don't waste your time with him!


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