[arch-general] new packaging of the kernel/mkinitcpio/kmod

Geo Kozey geokozey at mailfence.com
Sat Nov 2 14:29:29 UTC 2019

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> Subject: Re: [arch-general] new packaging of the kernel/mkinitcpio/kmod
> Dracut does not work out of the box (we currently patch it to not use a
> nonexistent tool, and the same patch is now in upstream master but with
> no release in sight), and has issues like the tests failing on
> non-Redhat systems.
> Our dracut packager tried to get in touch with the dracut developer,
> after a lack of success for quite some time it seems that the individual
> in question was on... parental leave, IIRC? I'm not sure what the
> current status is.

In such cases using tip of git branch would help.

> So the jury is still out on whether dracut or mkinitcpio is more work. ;)

Making dracut work initially may need some work but after that it will just work.
There is also 3rd-party initramfs modules developer perspective where coding
something once which then will work on all distros (as dracut is supported in
fedora/rhel, ubuntu/debian, suse, etc.) makes life easier than having to support
each distro separately. Fragmentation is big issue as always.

Yours sincerely

G. K.

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