[arch-general] How to install archlinux using a specific parition of usb instead of the whole usb?

brent s. bts at square-r00t.net
Wed Nov 6 05:14:39 UTC 2019

On 11/6/19 12:01 AM, Hongyi Zhao via arch-general wrote:
>> menuentry --hotkey=g 'Graphical install' {
>>         set background_color=black
>>         linux (loop)/install.amd/vmlinux vga=788 findiso=$iso_path components
>> --- quiet
> IMO, this is the most difficult thing to figure out a workable
> menuentry,  I mean, the follownig code inserted here:
> findiso=$iso_path components
> And from where can I find the full manual for this?  I have inspected
> the following webpage:
> https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.txt
> And I cannot find out the parameters/arguments used here: `findiso'
> and `components'.

"findiso" and "components" are unique to Debian's initialization
scripts. The ones at
are generic ones that the *kernel* uses, but others are used by the OS
itself during initialization. They're both passed to /proc/cmdline
(because it's the only reliable way of passing boot-time parameters to
runtime kernel operations and the initrd/initramfs).

"findiso" is documented here:

As for "components", I have no idea what it does. You can extract the
ISO's initrd and check the init system in there, though, to find out.

> No, this is not the initial grub.cfg used by the iso when running in
> the efi mode which is the de-facto nowsdays.  The first grub.cfg used
> by the iso is:
> /EFI/debian/grub.cfg
> This file will then source all of the other grub.cfg, including the
> one in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, which is the last grub.cfg in the chain.

All that does is call other cfgs and do insmods. Follow the "source"
directives and you will find that, yes, the one I mentioned is the menu
config (the one you actually want, because you want to create *menu
entries*) that is used by the Debian ISO.

You *definitely* will not be able to use the "linking"/parent configs
because they refer to paths inside the Debian ISO, not your USB drive.

brent saner
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