[arch-general] [arch-dev-public] New kernel packages and mkinitcpio hooks

Amish anon.amish at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 01:52:30 UTC 2019

On 11/11/19 3:11 am, Giancarlo Razzolini via arch-dev-public wrote:

> Hi All,
> As most of you have noticed already, the kernel packages had some 
> recent changes
> where they do not install the kernel to /boot, as well as they do not 
> have any kmod [0]
> nor mkinitcpio hooks anymore. Neither they do install mkinitcpio 
> presets [1].
> ...
> Also, kernel removals are handled by mkinitcpio as well. We want to 
> make the boot process more
> flexible, while also keeping it backwards compatible by default. There 
> are a few changes I have
> planned for the next mkinitcpio release [4] that will help even 
> further to achieve this.

Thank you for the detailed explanation. However I have a question 
related to this change.

Due to e1000e related bug in kernel 5.3, few of systems that I manage 
are still on kernel 5.2.5.

# pacman -Q kmod mkinitcpio linux linux-lts
kmod 26-2
mkinitcpio 25-2
linux 5.2.5.arch1-1
linux-lts 4.19.61-1

I am planning to do full system upgrade except linux package.

i.e. pacman -Syu --ignore linux --ignore linux-lts

Would the change in mkinitcpio and /boot create a broken system for me?

You have written it is backward compatible. So do you mean it is 
backward compatible with older linux / linux-lts?

In short, can I upgrade the system while still keeping older linux 
packages (till the e1000e bug is not resolved)?

Thank you


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