[arch-general] electron upgrade (7.1.1-1 -> 7.1.1-2) sort of broke functionality on several electron apps

Javier j.e.vasquez.v at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 22:20:13 UTC 2019

On 11/11/19 3:26 PM, Javier wrote:
> The 1st thing I noticed was that after the upgrade, the lectron apps no longer show up under the legacy tray, but instead on the more modern notification area (under LXQT).  The 2nd thing, was the tray icons not doing any action.  The 3rd thing, was that in order to use the electron apps, I had to call them with starting on tray, since the tray icons don't respond.  And finally I can't try to iconify on tray, given the tray icons don't respond...
> Any one else experiencing the same?  Other than just reverting to the prior electron, is there known workarounds for these issues?  Has anyone faced them already, and dealt with them?
> Just in case a few electron apps experiencing the same:
> signal-desktop-bin
> whatsapp-nativefier
> slack-desktop

The issues came from  installing the new optional dependency:


Which got installed with:


As I get the notifications from the app, I thought I could lose notifications by not installing libappindicator-gtk3, but not only I was wrong, that dependency really breaks the tray functionality for electron apps.  By removing those packages, I got the prior behavior, which was better.  BTW, tray works for the most part, but I've never gotten to iconify from the try icon itself  (only able to do that is whatsapp-nativefier).  Probably I won't installed those packages ever...  By looking at the electron changes from *-1 to *-2, the only change was the new opt dependency:


Which matches what I found...  Sorry for the noise.

So I guess problem solved...


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