[arch-general] [arch-announce] New kernel packages and mkinitcpio hooks

Amish anon.amish at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 10:26:49 UTC 2019

Hello Andy,

On 14/11/19 3:05 pm, ProgAndy wrote:
> Hello Amish,
>> I am not sure but I feel that install hook should now have higher
>> priority so that kernel is copied back to /boot as early as possible
>> instead of after most of the hooks. i.e. say after systemd hooks, may be
>> renamed to 40-mkinitcpio-install.hook?
> The order is correct. The initramfs should be created after depmod and
> the building of dkms modules. I don't see why the kernel should be
> copied earlier, anything that modifies boot entries should do it after
> the initramfs has been created.
While I agree with you but I still feel that 90-priority is too low. (or 
too late). It should run immediately after depmod and dkms hooks.

But I also understand that maintainers know much better than me.

> The order of hooks also has no impact on post-install scripts. Just
> don't use post-install to change the boot menu. At that time the
> initramfs images could still be missing even with the old packages that
> have the kernel in /boot. This would mess up the grub configuration as well.

No earlier it did not mess up, because earlier removal hooks were 
PostTransaction hooks and now PreTransaction.

Which means that initramfs (of old kernel) were still not deleted when 
post install grub script ran. So it did not mess up.

But in any case, I will covert my grub based script to post transaction 
hook with priority of 91.

Thanks again and best regards,


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