[arch-general] Extreme Minimalist Challenge

Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at outstep.com
Sun Nov 17 23:01:26 UTC 2019

Hi All,

I am new to Arch Linux and am hoping that this might be the direction that
I need to look for a demo project that I am eagerly seeking to build and I
really hope that someone can help me towards the right direction.

The project is basically to have the absolutely smallest possible Linux
distro (x86_64 based) that would be a type of LiveCD RAM-Based bootable
system that has an Xserver and VirtualBox 6.0 but no real desktop running.
I want it to boot directly into the VirtualBox 6.0 GUI.

The other catch is that I need a system that has an extremely small
footprint image and am hoping that the ISO could be between 150 MB - 200 MB
in size, but of course even smaller is better.

Its an ambitious project and I am seeking help on if Arch Linux may be a
good starting point for the basic OS and Xorg server as well as any
suggestions or advice that the mailing list might like to provide.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards,

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