[arch-general] `base` group replaced by mandatory `base` package - manual intervention required

Paul Stoetzer n8hm at arrl.net
Wed Oct 9 11:56:47 UTC 2019

The problem is that reducing the base group to the bare minimum made the
installation of Arch much more complicated for the average or even
moderately experienced user. I am not certain which packages I would even
need to replicate the experience I am used to. A base-extra group would
allow less experienced users to get a working installation done in a
similar way as it has for the last ten years with the addition of one extra
entry on the pacstrap command instead of having to sort through and
determine which packages are needed after this change.

I understand that Arch is developed to be simple for the developers and not
the users, all I think many of us are asking for is a way to replicate the
previous install mechanism with one small addition (a base-extra group that
includes all the packages removed from base by this change).


Paul Stoetzer

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> >
> > Possibly intel-ucode would be very useful for many installs as well?
> >
> Except for people who need amd-ucode...
> For a long time I was under the impression we relied on derivative distros
> to dumb down things like system maintenance and installation for "regular"
> users. The proposed "base-extra" group might be a marginally useful idea,
> but the effort seems like a shot in the dark. What problem are we solving,
> really?
> cheers!
> mar77i
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