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Howdy adérito,

Accessibility based projects like Tarch and F123Light are not official Arch Linux releases. Bug reports, feature requests, etc for those projects do not belong on this list. If you are familiar, for example with Vinux, you can not ask support questions about it on the Ubuntu list. I can help you with the appropriate channels for getting support if you are interested.

If you need help with those, please contact me off list. I will do what I can.


On Sat, Oct 26, 2019 at 01:09:16PM +0100, adérito wrote:
>Hello, you have the tharch then the INTAL Monthly Newsletter June on another server? that in www.tarch.org is INTAL Monthly Newsletter INTAL Monthly Newsletter October but October is not working very well did not detect the Internet connection on virtualbox you can report the developer who do not have the email dezenvolvedor the tharch. because the INTAL Monthly Newsletter June connect to internet. and the script F123 light was included in INTAL Monthly Newsletter of October tharch. but the script does not detect the wired network virtualbox.
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