[arch-general] new packaging of the kernel/mkinitcpio/kmod

Geo Kozey geokozey at mailfence.com
Thu Oct 31 22:08:14 UTC 2019

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> On 10/31/19 2:11 PM, Geo Kozey via arch-general wrote:
> > What was the reason for not using kernel-install[1] standard instead of all of those Arch's exclusive hooks again??
> > 
> > https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/kernel-install.html
> What was the reason for suggesting to use kernel-install non-standard
> Fedora tool that does gross things in a gross way instead of "all those
> tools" (all one of them) which do the exact same thing in a more KISS
> manner that respects user choice, makes it clear what you're using and
> when you're using it, and helps track files properly in pacman?

As the link suggests, it's systemd tool not Fedora one. I don't think Arch has
anything against systemd.

As I understand there will be two tools that deal with kernel install now:
mkinitcpio hook and dracut hook. kernel-install could replace both. They can
just call it.

Moreover as I read the long term plan was to replace mkinitcpio with dracut
and dracut is already integrated with kernel-install because Fedora (yay!) uses
them both. That means it would be possible to outsource whole initramfs
creation process upstream and free up downstream resources for something

> I don't understand your loaded question, but this game of "let's assume
> things and then yell at people for doing things the same way they worked
> for many many years" sure is fun!

There was neither yelling or assumptions, just a question. Also things that
worked for many many years are changing which is what triggered whole

> P.S. Put down your question mark key. There's no need to act quite
> *that* shocked that no one drank the Fedora kool-aid.

I didn't noticed double question mark until I read your reply. Sorry.

Yours sincerely

G. K.

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