[arch-general] NFS "updates"?

Hauke Fath hf at spg.tu-darmstadt.de
Mon Apr 27 14:51:22 UTC 2020


we have a group of Arch desktop clients that mount their user homes and 
group shares through nfsv3 over udp from an OmniOS server.

After today's update (the last one was on 9 Mar) the machine will not 
nfs-mount, complaining about illegal udp, grpid, int mount options, and 
the kernel spits out a

NFSV4: Unsupported transport protocol udp

although nothing on this installation anywhere ever has used nfsv4 
until now, and /etc/default/autofs explicitly specifies nfsv3. Editing 
/etc/nfsmount.conf (which was in default state until now) accordingly 
did not make a difference.

I couldn't find any nfs related Arch news items.

What did I miss?


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