[arch-general] btrfs kernel incompatibility?

Simeon Felis arch-general at sfelis.de
Fri Feb 7 20:32:56 UTC 2020

Am 07.02.20 um 05:02 schrieb Chris Murphy:
> On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 3:03 PM Chris Murphy <lists at colorremedies.com> wrote:
>> There is a gotcha moving Btrfs between different archs. "Btrfs sector
>> size", which is an internal Btrfs thing, not a reference to either
>> logical or physical sector size of the device, must be the same as
>> page size. Page size is 4KiB on x86 and I'm pretty sure it's 16KiB on
>> ARM.
>> So I wonder if you've run into an arch mixing problem (or bug).
> OK I pulled my Pi Zero out, which also uses Btrfs, and 4.19.75 kernel.
> The Btrfs sector size is 4096. Same as on x86_64.
> So now I'm back to something stepping on the end of the drives, that
> munged the backup GPT, and possibly munged Btrfs too.
> Has either device been mounted degraded since the successful scrub?

No, a degraded mount was not performed since the successful scub.

This is very kind of you. I'm probably not fit enough to do these steps.

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