[arch-general] too many brick walls for graphical accessible environment on archlinux

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at panix.com
Mon Jan 6 07:45:53 UTC 2020

Without pulseaudio installed, I was able to choose festival for speech
output and alsa for output device when running spd-conf inside
speech-dispatcher on archlinux.
This is necessary to have speech from orca in any graphical user
Since espeak-ng and espeak conflict I loose speech in the console
installing espeak-ng since
documentation and probably systemd service files for espeak-ng appear
So I install gnome which has orca in it.  The pulseaudio package installs
along with all of its
core gnome dependencies and I try two things after that in order.
First in console run spd-conf again and pick festival as speech device and
pulseaudio as output device and spd-say is silenced.
So I try spd-conf again and pick festival for speech device and alsa as
output device.
Again silence from spd-say.
Next I run startx and get into gnome and try running orca.
All of the sudden none of the voice files festival was provisioned with
can be found anymore
and orca dies with an error.
The last thing I'm going to try with archlinux is a jenux install and
go for the graphical environment on the install and see if that works.
Slint actually uses espeak-ng and I have that running on another drive
to keep me in the game when failures like this happen.
All of this has been an interesting adventure.


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