[arch-general] Finding virtual dependencies

Lone_Wolf lonewolf at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 6 15:01:35 UTC 2020


Often when packages are removed from repos they become virtual provides.

While those are great for a transition period , they are not meant to be 
used forever.

Unfortunately they do stay around for a very long time.

example :

Around mesa 10.3.0-1 from august 2014[1]  ati-dri, intel-dri, 
nouveau-dri and svga-dri were replaced by mesa-dri .

In mesa 10.4.0-1 from december 2014 mesa-dri was integrated in mesa.

we're now 5 years further and mesa still provides & conflicts ati-dri, 
intel-dri, nouveau-dri, svga-dri and mesa-dri.

I have wanted to file a bug to get them removed for some time, but don't 
know if there are packages that still use them that would break if they 
are removed.

> $ pacman -Ss ati-dri
> extra/mesa 19.3.1-1
>     An open-source implementation of the OpenGL specification
> multilib/lib32-mesa 19.3.1-1
>     An open-source implementation of the OpenGL specification (32-bit)
> $ 

Is that output proof enough that ati-dri is not used by anything else 
then mesa & lib32-mesa or is there a better way to determine which 
packages depend on a specific virtual package ?




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