[arch-general] systemd-zram generator

Neven Sajko nsajko at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 14:26:10 UTC 2020

The fact is that pushing to get some experimental software installed
and, especially, configured by default in Arch is rude from my
viewpoint (as an Arch user), extremely so when

* There are alternatives already in the Arch repos, while this one is
not even packaged

* "This is a project in rust." is used as an argument

It kind of seemed like you were inspired by Arch's reputation of
instability to think that Arch would be good testing grounds serving
for eventual broad adoption of that tool.

Concerning my own rudeness, a more polite response is always better (I
do not consider you a moron FWIW), but that takes more consideration
and time. (Regarding Systemd, it is useful as an init, but it will be
a relief when it stops gobbling up userspace. And I have nothing
against Rust itself.)

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