[arch-general] My font rendering has changed

H. Arnold d.a at disroot.org
Mon Jul 20 00:33:11 UTC 2020

On 16-07-2020 10:02, Riccardo Paolo Bestetti via arch-general wrote:
> Since a few days ago, font rendering inside my desktop environment (SwayWM) seems to have changed.
> E.g. title bars are now rendered using a generic monospaced font instead of the usual one, and Termite does not seem to be able to load the Fira Code font and falls back to its default font. bemenu is also rendering differently and with a different font.
> I cannot find anything obvious in /var/log/pacman.log. I.e. I have done a full system upgrade lately but it doesn't seem to include anything that could have obviously caused this.
> Has anyone had anything similar? Where could I look to debug the issue?
> Best regards,
> Riccardo Paolo Bestetti
Some Manjaro users have had font-related issues that sound similar to 
yours after an update earlier this week, which comes from changes made 
to the fontconfig package (removed dependency on some fonts). Apparently 
updating (or installing) the ttf-dejavu package fixes this (installs the 
missing fonts).

The following thread on their forums lists some links to more 

Update thread for the latest update with people reporting a similar 

Possibly this can help and give some insight towards your font issue.

H. Arnold

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