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Kusoneko kusoneko at kusoneko.moe
Wed Jul 22 09:54:50 UTC 2020

On July 22, 2020 9:24:13 AM UTC, Ram Kumar via arch-general <arch-general at archlinux.org> wrote:
>Dear all,
>i am using i3 wm with Polybar as my status bar. i created the currently
>installed packages list using pacman's hook command.
>when i try to do fresh installation, i can get only the packages that
>present in official Repos that doesnot include Polybar.
>Then after installing Yay  i can get Polybar from AUR. it is quite
>inconvenience, and i dont know why Polybar is not added to official
>Polybar is quite popular as well as it has quite good features.
>is is possible to include Polybar to the official packages under extra
>community? if not could u plz explain?
>Thanks in advance

From the Arch Wiki AUR FAQ page:

>How to get a PKGBUILD into the community repository?
>Usually, at least 10 votes are required for something to move into community. However, if a TU wants to support a package, it will often be found in the repository.
>Reaching the required minimum of votes is not the only requirement, there has to be a TU willing to maintain the package. TUs are not required to move a package into the community repository even if it has thousands of votes.
>Usually when a very popular package stays in the AUR it is because:
> -Arch Linux already has another version of a package in the repositories
> -Its license prohibits redistribution
> -It helps retrieve user-submitted PKGBUILDs. AUR helpers are unsupported by definition.
>See also Rules for Packages Entering the community Repo.

In other words, if no TUs are interested in maintaining it as a community package, then no amount of popularity will get it into community.
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