[arch-general] adding Polybar to offical Repos

Robin Broda arch-ml at coderobe.net
Wed Jul 22 13:50:29 UTC 2020

On 7/22/20 11:50 AM, Ben Oliver via arch-general wrote:
> On 2020-07-22 14:54:13, Ram Kumar via arch-general wrote:
>> is is possible to include Polybar to the official packages under extra or
>> community? if not could u plz explain?
> Polybar requires optional modules to be already installed before you compile it. Once built with those, it won't run without those dependencies installed.
> So to have a pre-compiled version you would need to either force-install every optional dependency with the Arch package (no longer 'optional', and kills extendability), or make decisions on which features to include/exclude (no longer 'customisable').
> Unless this changes I don't see that polybar is compatible with Arch packaging. However, the AUR is an ideal place for it.

This is correct. The polybar developers are aware of this, too, but it still needs to be fixed.

Rob (coderobe)

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