[arch-general] Arch should be apolitical

LuKaRo lists at lrose.de
Tue Jun 2 00:17:56 UTC 2020

On 02.06.20 01:18, Amir Fletcher via arch-general wrote:
> Recently, the Arch reddit logo was changed to a rainbow. This is for "pride month". It is forcing a political view on all of the users who did not ask for this. Many of us don't care about the views of the developers or moderators as long as we continue to enjoy Arch.

I can understand both points. I think that "pride month", or LGBTQ+ in 
general, is something that is worth supporting. However, I think a 
project should not claim support of any political or societal topic if 
the project in fact does not have the support for such a decision by 
it's members. Otherwise, such a statement is completely worthless. What 
does it mean to say "Arch supports pride month" if we don't even know if 
Arch users do or don't support this agenda?

Therefore, I think that such a claim requires at least a minimum amount 
of discussion.

> When this was brought up, the moderator silenced the criticism and deleted the thread.

And if this discussion didn't happen prior to publishing the claim, it 
should be at least allowed afterwards (and not banned by deleting a 
corresponding thread).

Banning or deleting discussions on valid topics in a community project 
is a sign of bad leadership in general. As a community project should be 
democratic, there should be no need for doing so at all. Just my 2 cents.

> This is where the problem begins. If we cannot even discuss disagreement with views being forced on us, what's left? Please moderators and developers, reconsider forcing your views on us and not even allowing discussion about it. We do not all share your views, but we can get along if everyone is left to their own devices.
I totally agree to that. Especially if we consider that supporting 
something like a "pride month" is a privilege that not everyone on this 
world comes to enjoy. We shouldn't forget that there are lots of 
countries in the world were free speech is only a phrase and not practice.

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