[arch-general] Arch should be apolitical

Robin Martijn ik at robinmartijn.nl
Tue Jun 2 07:03:51 UTC 2020

Without responding to anyone specific and only to put in my two-penny worth:

The only place where the logo was changed to a rainbow, was on Reddit. 
There, someone made a post which, based on solely the title, sounds 
fairly like a meme indeed. This was removed because of that reason.

When I go to the subreddit itself however, the top post is exactly about 
this subject: 

And even though the post is very positive, there are also many replies 
that are written by skeptical people who also think that Arch should not 
be involved with politics or statements in any way. And guess what, 
that's fine.

I wouldn't say that you are being censored and I think the amount of 
e-mails on this subject is unreasonable, considering the fact that the 
conversation is already ongoing on the platform about which you complain.

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