[arch-general] nvidia-dkms pkgrel increase after every linux upgrade

Amin Vakil info at aminvakil.com
Tue Mar 31 16:47:38 UTC 2020

I have recently installed nvidia-dkms as I use linux-hardened, although
I have installed linux package as well, but I always boot to linux-hardened.

Anyway I've noticed that nvidia-dkms increases pkgrel everytime linux
package gets upgraded, why is that so?

Taken from NVIDIA wiki:

Custom kernel

If you are using a custom kernel, compilation of the Nvidia kernel
modules can be automated with DKMS.

Install the nvidia-dkms package (or a specific branch). The Nvidia
module will be rebuilt after every Nvidia or kernel update thanks to the
DKMS pacman hook.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it doesn't mean that nvidia module will be
rebuilt after kernel update thanks to the DKMS pacman hook?

So why should nvidia-dkms upgrades?

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