[arch-general] inotify and rsync as user

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Sat May 2 12:09:15 UTC 2020

Le samedi 2 mai 2020 11:42:37 CEST siefke_listen at web.de a écrit :

> The result is same. When run ssh samsung it works, when I run sync_docs.sh
> in shell it works. Why with systemd make it trouble?
> Thank you
> Silvio

I do some rsync replication based on cron jobs, without inotify nor systemd.

keychain unscrewed the script for automation to succeed. At the top of the 
script :

keychain --agents "ssh" &> /dev/null
. $HOME/.keychain/$(hostname)-sh
ssh-add &> /dev/null
# ... rsync something ...

This supposes that you have rightly setup SSH keys on both hosts, and that the 
private key on the source host is not encrypted.

In case it might help.


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