[arch-general] Arch Linux Support for Station P1, Station M1?

Morne Ross morne.ross2 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 11:51:24 UTC 2020


Firefly is looking for some developers to add Linux OS support for their
devices and
can give some free samples.

They have the Station P1 RK3399 and Station M1 RK3328 and plan to also
release a RK3568 device in a couple of weeks.

Will it be possible for someone to build Arch Linux for it perhaps?

The source code is also available for the devices and they already have
Linux booting with 5.9 kernels.

For further cooperation or help you can contact T-Chip, manufacturer of the
Firefly devices.
sgs at t-chip.com.cn

You can send me the contact and shipping details then I can forward it to
them for where the samples can be shipped too.
If more than one person needs samples than I can also ask them.


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