[arch-general] Arch Linux Support for Station P1, Station M1?

Alexander Epaneshnikov aarnaarn2 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 12:01:53 UTC 2020

03.11.2020 14:51, Morne Ross via arch-general пишет:
> Hi
> Firefly is looking for some developers to add Linux OS support for their
> devices and
> can give some free samples.
> They have the Station P1 RK3399 and Station M1 RK3328 and plan to also
> release a RK3568 device in a couple of weeks.
> http://stationpc.com/portal.php?mod=topic&topicid=2
> http://stationpc.com/portal.php?mod=topic&topicid=7
as i understand. this computers works on ARM architecture. so that topic 
would be appropriate for arch linux arm folks.
archlinux only supports amd64 architecture.
> Will it be possible for someone to build Arch Linux for it perhaps?
> The source code is also available for the devices and they already have
> Linux booting with 5.9 kernels.
> For further cooperation or help you can contact T-Chip, manufacturer of the
> Firefly devices.
> sgs at t-chip.com.cn
> You can send me the contact and shipping details then I can forward it to
> them for where the samples can be shipped too.
> If more than one person needs samples than I can also ask them.
> Regards
> Morne

Sincerely, Alexander.

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