[arch-general] Dual Boot with Windows 10 20H2

Óscar García Amor ogarcia at moire.org
Fri Nov 6 07:53:23 UTC 2020


El jue., 5 nov. 2020 a las 23:02, <joerg.jellissen at t-online.de> escribió:
> [...]
> CPU:  AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor               3.60 GHz
> RAM: 18 GB
> SSD: Samsung 250GB 840 Pro Series for my OS
> HDD: WD 2TB as my primary data drive

First for all, I have a similar setup. In my case I have a 250GB SSD
and two data drives, first is 2TB and second 1TB.

> Is it a good choice to install two OS on my system?

Yes. I explain.

I'm an Arch Linux user since ¿maybe 10 or 15 years ago? I don't
remember... Always have dual boot for Windows and Linux. The reason is
simple, I'm a "gamer" (no, I don't do Twich videos or have a YouTube
channel, only like play computer games). For this reason I need a
"video game console", that is Windows. :-D For everything else I use
Linux, for work, for browsing Internet, for whatever.

With dual-boot I don't have any problem. If I need use my computer,
boots Arch, and if i want game, boots Windows.

In my case I have this:
- In SSD disk (250GB), the first 150GB is for Windows (with the 3
partitions that Windows 10 need), the remaining 100GB for Arch Linux.
- The 2TB disk is for Windows data (games need space).
- The 1TB disk is for Linux with two partitions, first one (smaller)
is for swap and secon one (much bigger) for data (I have several
mounts of this disk, for downloads folder, for virtual machines, etc).

The installation process is very simple. First for all install Windows
reserving the 100GB in SSD for a Linux partition and when you have
Windows running install Arch Linux in the reseved partition. If your
computer have UEFI you can use systemd-boot for menu choices, if not,

And there is all.

Óscar García Amor | ogarcia at moire.org | http://ogarcia.me

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