[arch-general] Dual Boot with Windows 10 20H2

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Fri Nov 6 09:17:37 UTC 2020


I'm an artist who was forced to learn (analog) photography,
but isn't interested in photography. However, since a few month I'm
using a Sony α6400. I'm not aware off any professional Linux software
for artwork, at best software with all professional features does exist,
but gets way to often broken, so that it's not wise to depend on it.

To some extend you probably could use

extra/digikam 7.1.0-2 An advanced digital photo management application

as well as the usual suspects

extra/gimp 2.10.22-1 GNU Image Manipulation Program

in my experiences way to unstable for serious usage, or

extra/krita 4.4.1-1 Edit and paint images

quite good, if you don't need reliable colour profiles. I experienced
the available colour profiles as utterly broken.

I'm running Windows 10 in Virtualbox, using the package virtualbox-bin
from AUR (+ guest additions and + the extension pack from Oracle) and
my experiences are quite good. My experiences with the package
virtualbox from community aren't that good.

However, I do not use art software for Windows, I only want to point
out that virtualbox is not that bad, to run Windows 10. Some
software that can't be used with virtualbox, due to hardware issues,
works when running it under wine-staging. I'm using wine-staging for a
MIDI guitar synth editor. To some extend I'm using Linux software for
artwork, but mostly an iPadPro for photo development and painting, let
alone pro-audio.


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