[arch-general] Firefox slowness

LuKaRo lists at lrose.de
Thu Nov 12 17:36:39 UTC 2020

On 12.11.20 18:23, David Rosenstrauch wrote:

> Perhaps this is just me, but it feels like Firefox has gotten super slow 
> / hogging lots of CPU recently.  Anyone else seeing this?  And/or know 
> what might be causing it?  (Some recent upgrade to the package perhaps?)

I haven't had any similar issues so fare (Firefox is my main browser). However, my only Add ons are uMatrix + uBlock Origin, and I've enabled the "Never remember history" options in settings so Firefox will basically clear user data on each exit.

Have you tried using a fresh profile with default settings and without your Add-ons for a while, to see if this fixes the issue? Try firefox -p from the command line to open the profile chooser, and create a new profile. The profile is where your settings, history, bookmarks etc. are kept, so a new profile will basically mean factory reset, but with the option to switch back to your old profile at any time.


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