[arch-general] conflict on /usr/bin generated by tigervnc?

Greg Minshall minshall at umich.edu
Thu Sep 10 03:56:18 UTC 2020


> And I would like to reiterate: really, really, REALLY, do not use
> --overwrite unless you know what you're doing or have done as the OP did
> and asked (and been told to do so). The entire *point* of the option is
> to declare that your Arch installation is broken and you need to tell
> pacman that pacman is wrong about your files. By stepping off the beaten
> path, you incur the possibility of being wrong and making things a lot
> worse.

i wonder if maybe a suitable, upper-cased, warning added to the
"--overwrite" section of the man page might be useful?

cheers, Greg

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