[arch-general] [off-topic] Alternative to Thunderbird, with GPG support, caldav + cardav support, and ics remote webcal support and syncing

Bjoern Franke bjo at schafweide.org
Wed Sep 16 09:51:53 UTC 2020


> BTW, I just realized kmail doesn't support autocrypt either, :(  So defnitely kontact is not an alternative.

did you stick on something now? I'm using Thunderbird for seveal years 
now, switched to Evolution for short times from time to time, but some 
things were also annoying like the big status bar which seems to be 
independent of the screen size and theme. I remember using Kontact 10 
years ago and it was bloated and I got no idea why the whole Akonadi 
layers exists and if it would scale.
Somehow it's a pity that Sylspheed / Claws and other clients are not 
capable of using CardDav/CalDav.


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